January 20 is not just Homeless Day, it’s also Rose Movement Day. Bring a rose, warm clothes, and head to the city’s largest square. There, you have the chance to transform words into life-changing actions.

In our cozy warmth, there are those who freeze. Come and show that no one is forgotten. Meet up with kind-hearted souls to share warmth and care. Together, we can make the world a bit brighter for everyone.

Why This Day is Important

Homeless Day is not just a symbolic occasion; it’s a call to action. It provides an opportunity to spotlight the millions of people worldwide who are homeless.

These individuals have dreams and potential and deserve a second chance.

How to Get Involved: So what can we do?

Start by getting involved personally.


Your city’s largest square—we mention only a few cities here, but in every city, you can go to the largest square to meet the homeless. Here is a list of some examples:

Stockholm: Sergels Square
Malmö: Stortorget
Göteborg: Brunnsparken
Oslo: Eidsvolls Square
Berlin: Brandenburg Gate
Tehran: Azadi Square
London: Trafalgar Square

Time: 4:00 PM

What you can Give:

a Rose, a Hug, Clothes, and Warm Food are all welcome contributions.

Other Ways to Help:

If you can’t attend in person, you can also support by spreading the word in the best possible way. Artists, media people, and volunteers are welcome on-site to help. For more questions, contact us via info@hemlosa.se

Closing Words:

Let’s make January 20 a turning point, a day when the homeless receive a Rose, a Hug, and a little hope—it means a tremendous amount.We are committed to creating sustainable change, for it is through humanity and solidarity that we build a stronger community.





Who started Homeless Day

www.internationalhomelessday.com started for the first time in the world
by Kavian Ferdowsi.
InternationalHomelessDay.com is 20 January

What is the Homeless Day

20 January is the Homeless Day, a day when everybody honor and try to help and respect the homeless people, a day when we put the light on homeless peoples situation and try to be their voice.

Is Homeless Day at 20 January the international day for homeless people?


What is the symbol of homelessness?

The Homeless Flag